International Journal of Food Processing Technology

Volume 3 Issue 2


 Table of Contents

 July, 2016


Comparison of the Volatile Components in Chinese Traditional Xiaoqu Liquor Pages 36-42
Ying-Ying Ma, Gao-Jian Cao, He-Chuan Wu, Xiao Dou, Jia-Xiu Guo, Qi Zhang, Chang-Qing Zhao, Hong-Mei Ming, Qingbin Liu and Jian-Gang Yang


Influence of Tasting Spots on Texture of Chicken Breast Fillets Pages 43-47
HyoJin Chloe Cho, Jessica M. MacMartin and Peter Lawrence Bordi


Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Sterilization of Conduction Heat Canned Foods Using Heat Transfer Coefficients Boundary ConditionsPages 48-53
Ibrahim O. Mohamed


Effect of raw material quality on quality and yield of dried fish products Pages 54-61
Peter Odour-Odote, Bangalore A. Shamasundar, Alejandro C. Booman, Nazlin K. Howell, María A. Parin and Aurora Zugarramurdi


Growth of Asaia spp. in Flavored Mineral Water - Evaluation of the Volumetric “Bottle Effect” Pages 62-65
Dorota Kręgiel and Hubert Antolak