International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 3 Issue 2)
 Effect of raw material quality on quality and yield of dried fish products  International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 54-61

Peter Odour-Odote, Bangalore A. Shamasundar, Alejandro C. Booman, Nazlin K. Howell, María A. Parin and Aurora Zugarramurdi

Published: 28 July 2016
Dried fish products were prepared from siganid (Siganus sutor) and anchovy (Stolephorus sp.) using solar drying and from flounder (Paralichthys patagonicus) using atmospheric freeze-drying. Very good correlations were obtained between raw material quality and dried fish quality, in a dimensionless scale. A lower slope was obtained for flounder (R2= 0.971) when comparing with siganid and anchovy (R2= 0.892), indicating that raw material quality influences the quality of final products, being higher in fatty than in lean fish. This information is useful to reject unsuitable raw material before processing. A correlation between quality of raw material and process yield is presented.
Quality, fish, solar drying, freeze drying, process yield.