International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 3 Issue 2)
 Growth of Asaia spp. in Flavored Mineral Water - Evaluation of the Volumetric “Bottle Effect”  International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 62-65

Dorota Kręgiel and Hubert Antolak

Published: 28 July 2016
This study evaluates the growth of acetic acid bacteria Asaia spp. in fruit flavored mineral water in both plastic and glass bottles with different volumes. Two strains of bacteria A. bogorensis and A. lannensis were isolated from spoiled soft drinks. Bacterial growth was analyzed using the plate count method and light microscopy. The results indicate that the tested strains of Asaia spp. exhibit the better growth in the polytereftalate bottles with small volumes: 0.33 L and 0.5 L. The microscopic observations documented that these bacteria are able to form visible cell co-aggregates after 2-week period storage at 25oC. Using glass as packaging material allows for the slower growth of Asaia spp. and contributes to improving the microbiological stability of fruit-flavored mineral waters.
Asaia spp., Growth, Flavored water, Packaging materials, Bottle effect.