International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research

Volume 3 Issue 1

International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research

 Table of Contents

 June, 2016



Zr-Content Dependence of Electrical Properties in Heat-Treated In2O3: Zr Thin Films Grown on a Sapphire Substrate by Sputtering
Pages 1-4
Yuichi Sato, Minoru Hatakeyama, Yuhei Muraki, Kazuki Sonoda, and Yoshifumi Murakami


High Quality InSb Microcrystal Hall Sensor doped with Te or Bi Pages 5-10
Inessa Bolshakova, F.S. Terra, G.M. Mahmoud and A.M. Mansour


Effect of stress annealing on domain wall dynamics in nanocrystalline Hitperm-type Microwires Pages 11-18
A. Talaat, P. Klein, R. Varga, V. Zhukova, J.M. Blanco M. Ipatov and A. Zhukov


Elaboration of novel nanoparticulateTiO2-P25@n-TiO2 composite for photocatalysis Pages 19-25
Guy Didier Fanou, Benjamin Yao, Khley Cheng, Ovidiu Brinza, Mamadou Traoré, Andrei Kanaev and Khay Chhor