International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research  (Special Issue 1)
 Superconductor-Dielectric Photonic Band Gap in Ultraviolet Radiation International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research
Pages 43-47

Arafa H Aly

Published: 28 January 2016
 Optical properties of a high-temperature superconductor/dielectric (HTcScD) in the UV operation range are theoretically investigated. We have obtained and performed the calculations of optical reflectance and transmittance spectra. The calculated wavelength-dependent reflectance and transmittance for the structure superconductor/dielectric shows that the threshold wavelength is significance by the angle of incidence and the polarization of waves. The variance of the intensity and the bandwidth of the transmission and reflection are strongly dependent on the different thicknesses, different temperatures, and different incident angles as well as we obtained the different band gaps dependent on the thickness of layers. Also we have examined the influence of the increased of the number of periods on the transmittance and reflectance spectra as well as on the band gap positions.
 HTcScD, Photonic band gap, Transmission, Reflection, Photonic crystals.