International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 5 Issue 2)
Mushroom: Cultivation and Processing   International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 9-12

Kratika Sharma


Published:  December 2018

This paper presents review of various literatures concerning the types of edible mushrooms consumed in India, their cultivation and processing. Mushrooms are fungi which are cherished for their flavor as well for their nutritional value. They are low in salt and sugar and are a rich natural source of Vitamin D. Mushroom farming is gaining popularity day by day among new entrepreneurs. They are cultivated with specifically propagated spawns on a well prepared compost. Being tender in nature they deteriorate rapidly if not refrigerated or processed in time hence subjected to various processing methods such as drying, freezing, canning, pickling and sterilization. These methods not only preserves them but also helps in flavor development as in the case of pickling.

Mushroom, Moisture, Humidity, Temperature, Growth.