International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research  (Volume 1 Issue 1)
 PbZrO3-Based Antiferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors with High Energy Storage Density International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research
Pages 35-39

Mao Ye, Peng Lin, Haitao Huang, Biaolin Peng, Qiu Sun, Fuping Wang, Xiang Peng, Xierong Zeng, and Shanming Ke

Published: 28 August 2014
 A series of 400-nm-thick sandwich structured Pb(1+x)ZrO3/(Pb,Eu)ZrO3/Pb(1+x)ZrO3(PZO/PEZO/PZO) antiferroelectric thin films with different Pb excess content (x) (x=0%, 10%, 20%, and 30%) in the PZO precursors have been successfully deposited on Pt(111)/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates by a sol–gel method. The effects of Pb excess content on the dielectric properties, and energy storage performance of the PZO/PEZO/PZO thin films have been investigated in detail. It is found that all the films show a unique perovskite phase structure. With increasing Pb excess content in the PZO precursors, P-E hysteresis loop changes from slanted to square shape. Meanwhile, a larger antiferroelectric to ferroelectric switching field (EAF) and ferroelectric to antiferroelectric switching field (EFA) are observed in the films with higher Pb excess content. When increasing Pb excess content from 0% to 30%, the energy storage density of the sandwich structured films is remarkably improved from 11.4 to 14.8 J/cm3 at 1000 kV/cm.
 Electron-phonon interaction, Magnetic excitations, Van Hove singularity, Gap energy, Pseudogap, Coherence length, Isotope coefficient, Superconducting gap ratio.