Journal of Advanced Neuroscience Research

Volume 2 Issue 2


 Table of Contents

 October, 2015


Impaired Spatial Learning and Memory is Linked to Neurochemical Indicators of Brain Aging in the Middle-Aged CD-1 Mice with Maternal Exposure to LPS Pages 1-8
Jing-Jing Tong, Gui-Hai Chen, Qi-Gang Yang, Fang Wang and Wen-Jing Bian


Changes of Several Psychological Measures in the Patients with Craniomandibular Disorders, Bruxing Behavior and Sexual Abuse History Pages 9-15
O.F. Molina, C.A. Rodrígues dos Santos, R.F. Marquezan, M.L. Cano, F.F. da Silva Junior, A. Alves de Carvalho and L.K. Silva Hassumi


Restorative Effect of Distillated Nerium Oleander Extract on Diabetic Neuropathy: Animal Model Study Pages 16-21
Sirma Basak Yanardag, Ahmet Akkoca, Figen Çiçek and Murat Ayaz


An Enduring Challenge: The Structure-Function Relation in the Brain and the ‘Very Large Brain Projects’ Pages 22-24
G. Bernroider


The Interventional Pain Management of Sacroiliac Joint Pain: A Brief Review – Pages 25-29
Ferdi Yavuz, Bayram Kelle and Birol Balaban