Global Journal of Anthropology Research

Volume 2 Issue 2


 Table of Contents

 December, 2015



Drug Consumption in Romania: Anthropological and Medical AspectsPages 1-8
Adina Baciu


Sexual Dimorphism of the Fovea Capitis Femoris in a Medieval Population from Gloucester, England Pages 9-14
Natalie Murton, Matteo Borrini and Constantine Eliopoulos


Social Network and Social Support among Elderly Asian Immigrants in the United StatesPages 15-21
Xuewei Chen, Divya Talwar and Qian Ji


Dr Oscar Amoëdo y Valdes (1863-1945), Founding Father of Forensic OdontologyPages 22-25
Xavier Riaud


State Mediation of Qāt Consumption in Yemen: The Political Socialization of the National PolityPages 26-52
Serge D. Elie


The Austronesian Diaspora: A Synthetic Total Evidence Model Pages 53-65
Geoffrey K. Chambers and Hisham A. Edinur