International Journal of Cardiology and Lipidology Research

Volume 3 Issue 1


 Table of Contents

 March, 2016


Statin Therapy for Stroke Prevention: Current Status and Controversies Pages 1-5
Adrià Arboix, Gabriel Rosselló-Vicens and María-José Sánchez


Tissue Engineered Heart Valve for Aortic Valve Disease. Quo Vadis, Again?Pages 6-10
Wilhelm P. Mistiaen


Focus on Pitavastatin Pages 11-19
Angelo Michele Carella, Teresa Marinelli, Armando Melfitano, Michele Di Pumpo, Matteo Conte, Giovanni Modola, Maria Chiara Puntonio and Angelo Benvenuto


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as risk of cardiovascular disease: myth or reality? Pages 20-24
Hamayak Sisakian and Ani Kocharyan


Morphogenesis of a Neuroleptic Cardiomyopathy:A Morphometric Study Pages 25-30
V.P. Volkov