International Journal of Marine and Environmental Sciences

Volume 1 Issue 1


 Table of Contents

 November, 2017



Fin Whale Presence and Distribution in the Pelagos Sanctuary: Temporal and Spatial Variability Along 2 Fixed-Line Transects Monitored in 2009-2013Pages 1-14
Catarina Morgado, Ana Martins, Massimiliano Rosso, Aurélie Moulins and Paola Tepsich


Associations between Aerosol Types and Chlorophyll-a Concentration over Coastal Area in East Asia from Satellite ObservationsPages 15-24
Wei-Hung Lien, Tang-Huang Lin, Gin-Rong Liu, Kuo-Hsin Tseng, Fu-an Tsai and Chian-Yi Liu


Comparison of the Far Eastern Seas and the North Pacific Ocean in Terms of Species Diversity, Its Components, and other Integral Characteristics of Net Zooplankton in the Epipelagial ZonePages 25-28
Igor V. Volvenko


Polycentric City Regions and the Role of Urban Forestry in Reviving the Concept of Landscape Structure Planning Pages 29-35
Alan Simson