International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 7 Issue 1)
Cookies Internal Temperature Estimation Using IHCP Methodology  International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 1-14

Eduardo Macías Ávila and Yaneth Aguilar Díaz


Published:  July 2021


This work constitutes a continuation of previous work on determining the internal temperature of foods by applying inverse heat transfer problem solving techniques. In this research, a mathematical model of heat transfer applied to foods is developed whose central part heat transfer can be described in Cartesian coordinates. This model uses techniques established in the previous work. The technique is based on the adjustment of parameters involved in heat transfer, minimizing the sum of squared errors between the measured temperatures and those calculated by the mathematical model. This paper discusses how the precision of this method would be affected with respect to the measurement time of the surface temperature and the delay time of the measurement.


Inverse problem, Heat transfer, Inner temperature estimation, Food processing, Infrared thermography.