International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 3 Issue 1)
 Study of Maize Drying in Uganda Using an in-Store Dryer Weather Data Simulation Software  International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 18-26

Robert Mugabi and Robert Driscoll

Published: 18 February 2016

The applicability of an in-store drying system in Uganda as an alternative for maize drying and storage was studied. With the 13.5 tonne capacity In-store Dryer (ISD) used in this study, the predicteddrying rates were lower,and investment costs and operating costs lower, than other comparable grain dryers. In the simulation, the fan and burner were operated 24 hours continuously irrespective of weather. Under these conditions for the two districts Jinja and Kasese, the cost of drying a kilogram of maize was estimated at around US$0.203/kg. The final product after drying had a dry matter loss (DML) of under 0.6% (Jinja0.45% and Kasese0.55%), indicating a high quality maize.

The profit margin, based on the current price of maize in Uganda of US$0.0507/kg, was better for the Kasese district. It was observed that both drying costs and profit were greatly affected by price fluctuations of fuel and electricity and also the unpredictable prices for maize.
Drying, Moisture content, Maize, Uganda.