International Journal of Food Processing Technology  (Volume 2 Issue 1)
 Moisture Dependent Physical Properties of Anise Seeds  International Journal of Food Processing Technology
Pages 39-45

R.K. Singh, M.K. Vishal and R.K. Vishwakarma



Published: 15 January 2015

A study on the anise seeds (Ajmer Anise-1) was performed to investigate the effect of seeds moisture content on their physical properties as these are very important to design post harvest equipments. The physical properties of the anise were evaluated as a function of moisture contents in the range of 4.85 % to 24.81% dry basis (d.b.). Seed geometric parameters such as average length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter, volume, sphericity and surface area increased with the increase in seed moisture. The 1000-seed mass increased linearly with increase in moisture. Bulk density and true density of anise decreased when seed moisture content was raised while the porosity of anise increased. The angle of repose and coefficients of static friction on four different surfaces (plywood, mild steel, galvanized iron and glass) and terminal velocity increased with increase in seed moisture.
Physical properties, Anise seed, Spatial dimensions, Bulk density.