International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research  (Volume 7 Issue 2)
Cross Phase Incoherent Modulational Stability Due to Interacting Laser Pulses in a Magnetized Plasma International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research
Pages 1-7

Shatadru Chaudhuri, A. Roy Chowdhury, K. Roy Chowdhury and Basudev Ghosh


Published: 27 November 2020

A new form of modulational instability is analyzed in case of the propagation of two laser pulses in an electron-ion plasma, under the influence of a magnetic field. It is actually the influence of one nonlinear wave on the nonlinear phase change in the other one. Our next important observation is the effect of incoherence of the initial state on such cross phase modulation. This is actually done with the formulation of Wigner and is also important due to quantum studies on plasma. Lastly it is seen that the external magnetic field has an important influence on such stability.

Magnetized plasmas, Nonlinear phenomena, Laser-plasma interactions, Waves, oscillations, Instabilities in plasmas and intense beams.