International Journal of Nuclear Medicine Research

Special Issue - 2017

International Journal of Nuclear Medicine Research

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 July 2017


188Rhenium, the new Workhorse of Radio Nuclide Therapy: Concepts to Clinical Use

Richard BaumRichard Baum
Theranostics Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Molecular Imaging
ENETS Center of Excellencem, Zentralklinik Bad Berka
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188Rhenium, the New Workhorse of Radio Nuclide Therapy: Concepts to Clinical UsePages 1-2
Richard P. Baum and Thomas W. Barber


Continued Availability of the Tungsten-188/Rhenium-188 Generator to Enhance Therapeutic Utility of 188Re Pages 3-15
F.F. (Russ) Knapp


Important Clinical Applications of 188Rhenium for Radionuclide TherapyPages 16-38
Ajit Shinto and F.F. (Russ) Knapp


Rhenium-188 Radiochemistry: Challenges and ProspectsPages 39-53
Philip J. Blower


Personalized Dosimetry for 188Re Radionuclide Therapies Based on Post-Treatment SPECT/CT ScansPages 54-66
Anna Celler and Pedro L. Esquinas


Nanomaterial Sorbents for the Preparation of 188W/188Re Generator and 188Re Radiopharmaceutical DevelopmentPages 67-78
Madhava B. Mallia, Rubel Chakravarty, Ashutosh Dash and Maroor Raghavan Ambikalmajan Pillai


Transarterial Radionuclide Therapy with 188Re-Labelled LipiodolPages 79-91
N. Lepareur and E. Garin


188Re Zoledronic Acid in the Palliative Treatment of Painful Bone MetastasesPages 92-100
Tatiana Kochetova, Valeriy Krylov, Maxim Smolyarchuk, Dmitriy Sokov, Alexander Lunev, Sergey Shiryaev, Olga Kruglova, Tatiana Makeenkova, Karina Petrosyan, Alexandra Dolgova, Marina Poluektova, Vsevolod Galkin and Andrey Kaprin


Review of Pharmacoeconomic Studies in Radionuclide Therapy of Painful Bone MetastasesPages 101-106
Voloznev Lev


188Re Tailor Made Skin Patch for the Treatment of Skin Cancers and Keloid: Overview and Technical ConsiderationsPages 107-113
Jaya Shukla and Bhagwant Rai Mittal


Personalized High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy with Non-Sealed Rhenium-188 in Non-Melanoma Skin CancerPages 114-122
Cesidio Cipriani, Benjamin Frisch, Klemens Scheidhauer and Maria Desantis