International Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Sciences (Volume 2)
Yarrow (Sultaani Buti/ Barinjasif): Famous Aromatic and Medicinal Herb of Pakistan IJPMNS
Pages 1-10

Muhammad Akram, Syed Ahmed Shah and Mahwish Ahmed Karim

Published: 24 November 2018

Barinjasif is well grown in Pakistan. It is included in several pharmacopoeias and is used commercially in the preparation of a variety of pharmaceutical preparations including teas, tinctures, liquid extracts and also in compound herbal preparations. Achillea millefolium L. is used as astringent, lithotripsic agent and antimicrobial and is an antiseptic to urinary infections. It is diaphoretic, antihypertensive, cholagogue, spasmolytic, antispasmodic and it is used topically for wounds and as anti edema and anti-inflammatory while orally for fever, common cold, digestive and carminative. Its use has been documented in varicose ulcer, cuts and injuries. It is also found very effective in leucorrhoea and all kinds of piles. It is a cleansing agent for which they are of high demand in the cosmetic industry to be used in skin and hair preparations. It promotes healing and cleansing.


Barinjasif, Pharmacopoeia, Pakistani plant, Cosmetic industry, Cleansing agent, Healing.