Journal of Translational Proteomics Research  (Volume 1)
 MAPMAKER/EXP Version 3.0b: Though Used Since Time Immemorial Still Difficult for Beginners to Start with Map Construction for the Genetic Studies JTPR
Pages 17-27

Neha Sharma and Rajinder Kaur

Published: 31 December 2014
With the advancement of molecular biology, interest in linkage map construction and QTL identification is growing among researchers day by day. Plant genome mapping and QTL analysis allows the identification of genes associated with economically important traits and the use of this information to further improve crops. So, we also attempted to construct a genetic linkage maps in our laboratory using more than one molecular marker systems and to analyze Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) from the constructed linkage map. Every first time user finds many hurdles about the use of the software MAPMAKER. Though the problems were not very big but there was no one to tell us about the start of the software MAPMAKER and one by one commands to follow. So this article is written keeping in mind those beginners who are new to linkage map construction and QTL identification but it’s their desire to find certain genes of interest in their test crop.
 Mapmaker, QTL, Trait, Genotyping, LOD.