Journal of Advanced Catalysis Science and Technology

Volume 2 Issue 2

Journal of Advanced Catalysis Science and Technology

 Table of Contents

 September, 2015



A Single Step Catalytic Process for the Production of Higher Range Hydrocarbon Fuel Stocks from Naphtha Pages 1-7
Nagabhatla Viswanadham, Peta Sreenivasulu, Amit Sharma, Rajeev Panwar, Sandeep K. Saxena and M. O. Garg


Nanoferrites as Catalysts and Fillers for Polyaniline/Nanoparticle Composites Preparation Pages 8-16
E. Falletta, A. Ponti, A. Sironi, A. M. Ferretti and C. Della Pina


Synergistic Factors Affecting Catalytic Performance of Fe(II) Phthalocyanine @ Titania-Pillared Bentonite Nanocomposites in Styrene ProductionPages 17-30
Salah A. Hassan, Fatma Z. Yehia, Hamdy A. Hassan and Atef S. Darwish


Preparation of One-dimensional (1D) Cu-WO3 Nanorods Catalyst for the Selective Oxidation of Ethylbenzene Pages 31-36
Shankha Shubhra Acharyya, Peetam Mandal and Rajaram Bal


Heterogeneous epoxidation of n-octene, cyclooctene and styrene using a chitosan 4-salicyledinepalladium (II) catalyst under aerobic conditions Pages 37-44
Neveen A. Anan, Ian S. Butler and Sahar I. Mostafa