Journal of Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Technology

Volume 3 Issue 1


 Table of Contents

 April, 2016


Effect Assessment of Airflow Resistance by Local Airway Stenosis with 3D Printing Airway Model Pages 1-6
Kuibi Shi, Wei Chang, Zhiguo Zhang, Mingzhi Luo, Lei Liu and Linhong Deng


Numerical simulation of the effect of smooth muscle layer thickening on stress distribution in the airway wall Pages 7-13
Jian Chen, Xiaohao Shi and Linhong Deng


Development of a Small Portable Device for Measuring Respiratory System Resistance Based on Forced Oscillation Technique Pages 14-20
Wei Chang, Kuibi Shi, Zhiguo Zhang, Changchun Yang and Linhong Deng


Medical Devices for Measuring Respiratory Rate in Children: a ReviewPages 21-27
William Daw, Ruth Kingshott, Reza Saatchi, Derek Burke, Alan Holloway, Jon Travis, Rob Evans, Anthony Jones, Ben Hughes and Heather Elphick