International Journal of Nuclear Medicine Research

Volume 3 Issue 2

International Journal of Nuclear Medicine Research

 Table of Contents

 September, 2016


Unexpected Appearance of Ectopic Mediastinal Toxic Nodulary Thyroid Hyperplasia in a Case of Recurrent Hyperthyroidism Pages 41-44
Mine Araz, Derya Çayır, Nujen Colak Bozkurt, Ülkü Yazıcı and Erman Çakal


Beta-Minus Emitters Dose Point Kernel Estimation Model Comprising Different Tissues for Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry Applications Pages 45-55
Pedro Pérez, Federico Geser, Ignacio Scarinci, Francisco Malano and Mauro Valente


Impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT for Detecting Primary Tumor Focus in Patients with Histopathologically Proven Metastasis Pages 56-62
Elgin Ozkan, Cigdem Soydal, Mine Araz and N. Ozlem Kucuk


Immunoscintigraphy for Therapy Decision Making and Follow-Up of Biological Therapies Pages 63-70
C. Lauri, S. Auletta, L. Carideo, S. Valabrega, M. Pacilio, A. Signore and F. Galli


Image in Clinical Medicine
PET-CT Suggestive of Lymphoma but Spirochetes in Lymph Node Biopsy: Careful for Prozone Phenomenon in Syphilis Pages 71-72
Dries Deeren and Edwin Steenkiste