International Journal of Cardiology and Lipidology Research  (Volume 4 Issue 2)
The Role of Cardiology in Search of a Paradigm of Psychiatry IJCLR-JHome
Pages 30-38

S.V. Rosman and L.V. Lebedeva

Published: 16 November 2017
The paper proposes a new integrated approach to the search for a paradigm of psychiatry, is based on a thorough study of entropy neuron-glial networks of the brain using a unique research method, the variance of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the alpha rhythm of the EEG, which merged to form a new unit with modern methods of monitoring cardiovascular activity of heart rate variability and dispersion parameters of ECG.
 Paradigm of psychiatry, Entropy neuron-glial networks of the brain, Cerebro-cardiac interactions,Paranoid schizophrenia, Vegetative violations.