Dr. Fawzi M. Amin Elfghi was born on the 18th of November 1968. He is specialized in heterogeneous catalysis and nanostructure and advanced materials for environmental and energy applications. His main field in undergraduate and graduate studies was in Chemical Engineering at different under/post graduate schools. He obtained his BSc degree in 1991. After a long service at petroleum and solar energy industries, he started his postgraduate studies in Isomerization of n-C4 using zirconia nanoparticles entrapped in mesoporous Al phosphateat Leverhulme Centre for Innovative Catalysis/Department of Chemistry at Liverpool University as he received his first MSc degree in 2002.

 His postgraduate studies continued with two years (2006-2008) for his second MSc degree from UTM in catalytic naphtha reforming using trimetallic modified Pt-Re-Sn catalysis over alumina. Shortly he continued his postgraduate studies for two years and half as PhD candidate at UTM in hydrodesulfurization of middle distillate using Co-Mo-S sulfided catalysis over different supports. He obtained his PhD degree as a best student award. His research fellowship started with one year at Chemical Research Centre (CRC), Hungary Academic of Science at Hungary Technical University, Budapest and with half year as a Postdoctoral at Chemical Reaction Engineering Group (CREG)-UTM, Malaysia.

 In May 1991, he joined Solar Energy Research Centre (SERC) as a research associate. Before long, he moved to Petroleum Research Centre (PRC) as an assistant researcher in Tripoli/Libya for more than 12 years (1994-2006). Currently, he is a senior lecturer at Environmental Engineering and Green technology (EGT) Department, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Dr. Fawzi involved in many department and faculty committees includes evaluator of exam questions, lab management committee, tender evaluation committee, undergraduate and Master (mixed mode) curriculum development, person in charge of chemical and biochemical reaction lab, MJIIT marketing and publicity committee, Assessor for research proposal defense, MJIIT quality development committee member, etc..

 Dr. Fawzi M. Elfghi has Co/supervised more than 10 Undergraduate and Postgraduate students studying for BSc, MSc/PhD degrees in applied heterogeneous catalysis and advanced materials for environment and energy issues from Synthesis and modification using different metal oxides and promoters via different preparation techniques, characterization of the above mentioned materials using different surface techniques, catalytic performance using different catalytic testing units, up-to process Modeling , Optimization and simulation using up to date software. Dr Elfghi teaches more than 6 modules for undergraduates and Master mixed mode programme started at 2002 for more than 300 students. The modules are more on introduction to chemical engineering, mass and energy balance, chemical engineering unit operations, plant design, research methodology and environment and energy sustainability.

Dr. Fawzi published more than 10 technical papers related to his field in indexed journals with impact factor. He also published a book on reforming reactions and their catalysis and supports. He participated and contributed among more than 30 local and international conferences, symposiums, seminars and workshops.