shintoEICDr Ajit Shinto, MBBS,DRM,Dip NB,MNAMS,PGDHA/HM, is currently serving as the Chief of Nuclear Medicine services at KMCH,Coimbatore ; a tertiary care referral hospital of great repute in India. He is a physician of great standing in the field of radionuclide therapy  and serves as the proctor for many of the targeted therapies. He has pioneered Re 188 Lipiodol based intra arterial therapy (TARE)in inoperable liver cancer and  hepatic metastases . The center serves as the nodal training center for the rest of the country as well as six other countries. He serves as the executive member and special advisor to the Government for setting up Nuclear Medicine facilities as well as for the radio nuclide and targeted therapy committee .He heads the center of excellence dealing with Neuro Endocrine tumor therapy and is the Chief Physician and director of the Peptide receptor radio nuclide therapy programme (PRRT)at KMCH .
His special interests lie in PRRT, radiosynovectomy and intra arterial liver cancer therapy. He has more than 50 first author international publications and reviewer for numerous peer reviewed international journals. He is one of the leaders of new brand of dynamic nuclear medicine professionals and has won numerous awards for his outstanding contribution to research and education. He also serves as the consultant to pharmac companies related to thyroid pharmaceuticals and radionuclide industry.