Research Journal of Engineers and Technologists (Volume 1)
3D Simulation on Rotor UMP of Turbo-generator under FWISC Faults with Different Degrees and Positions IJMES
Pages 11-17

Yu-Ling He, Qing-Fa Meng, Ming-Xing Xu, Yu-Yang Zhang and Hong-Chun Jiang

Published: 22 May 2018
In order to study the impacts of rotor unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP) characteristics in different field winding inter-turn short-circuit (FWISC) cases with varied degrees and positions in turbo-generators, 3D simulations are taken to calculate the quantitative data of the rotor UMP by finite-element method (FEM) in this paper. Firstly, the qualitative analysis on the air gap magnetic flux density (MFD), as well as the formula deduction of the rotor UMPs in X and Y directions, is carried out. Then simulating data of the rotor UMP in X-direction under different short-circuit degrees and positions are obtained. Finally, the variation rules of the rotor UMP characteristics under FWISC faults are investigated. The results show that the occurrence of FWISC will generally induce UMP at the fundamental-frequency on rotor. Moreover, Different short-circuit degrees and positions will induce varied impacts on rotor UMP amplitudes. Specifically, the more the turns are shorted, the larger the UMP amplitudes will be. The closer the short-circuit positions are to the big teeth, the larger the rotor UMP amplitudes will be.
Unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP), Field winding inter-turn short-circuit (FWISC), Faulty degrees and positions, Finite-element method (FEM).