Research Journal of Engineers and Technologists (Volume 1)
Interaction/Interference between Flames Produced by Side-by-Side Dual Blowing Cylindrical Burners IJMES
Pages 1-10

Hsing-Sheng Chai, Vong-Ren Chen and Chiun-Hsun Chen

Published: 22 May 2018
This study investigates the interaction/interference phenomena of dual porous cylindrical burner (Tsuji burner) flames. The temperature profiles along the centerline between two burners for a specific intercylinder spacing (L) are used to represent the flame interaction. The inflow velocity is fixed at 0.48 m/s and the fuel ejection rate is fixed at 2.6 cm/s. At L > 2.5D, where D is diameter of cylindrical burner, the temperature along the centerline is equal to the ambient temperature, indicating that the two flames do not interact with each other. As L is reduced from 2.5D to 1.2D, flame interference gradually becomes apparent, and the merge point of two flames moves upstream.
Counterflow flame, Tsuji burner, Flame interaction.