World Journal of Oncology Research  (Volume 7)

Leading Therapy Consequences to Leukemia World Journal of Oncology Research
Pages 1-2

Mohi Eddin Ataya and Bissan Ahmed



Published: February 2023


Second cancer risk following radiotherapy and chemotherapy is an increasingly important topic in clinical oncology. One of the highest incidences was for leukemia. Therefore, we built our understanding of second cancer risks on derived evidence from large epidemiologic studies that we will talk about, and predictive models of earlier decades with large uncertainties. So, we would like to highlight a case for a cancer patient who was diagnosed with leukemia after a highly intensive regimen for breast cancer treatment which included high doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and as a solution for such consequences we would also like to introduce the concepts of metronomic chemotherapy and focal radiotherapy.

Second cancer, Therapy related leukemia, Chemoradiotherapy, Metronomic chemotherapy, Focal radiotherapy.