International Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Sciences (Volume 3)
Alum: Role in Dentistry as a Potent Anti-Plaque and Anti-Caries Agent IJPMNS
Pages 6-8

Muhammad Farhanullah Khan and Mahwish Ahmed Karim


Published: 18 December 2019

Alum is a cheaper chemical easily available near your home everywhere in the world. It is an ionic compound that is a salt and is a crystalline chemical that has a chemical formula Al . 2 H2 O4 S . 12 H2 O . K. Aluminum has a wide use in the field of dentistry. Its use ranged from its clinical efficay to its pharmaceutical use in the preparation of dental materials and appliances. Pakistan is blessed with the best herbal remedies and alternative practitioners. In Hikmat system of medicine, widely practiced in Pakistan, the alum is used in making manjans (tooth powder), surmeys (eye preparations) and for treating leucorrhea. Alum has been used as ananticaries agent in Hikmat Like wise, other Aluminum salts having Aluminum ion (Al3+) have variety of uses in medical sciences. Aluminum oxide is used as acne face wash as abrasive.
Alum, Cheaper, Hikmat, Anti-caries agent, Aluminum ion (Al3+).