International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology  (Volume 1 Issue 1)
 An Overview on the Bioethanol Production using Membrane Technologies International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
Pages 9-22

S.M. Sadati.T, K. Ghasemzadeh, N. Jafarharasi and P. Vousoughi



Published: 05 December 2014
 Membrane process is a novel effective technology that can improve the efficiency of a bio-refinery plant. In this study, an overview of the main subjects dealing with the coupling between bioethanol production plantand membrane process is presented as a new technology. Nowadays, several methods to improve existing processes in industrial environments are studied. For example, methods such as flow back to increase the efficiency and the use of more advanced devices has always been a goal of managers. However, using of membranes and membrane processes can be very efficient and includes a lot of advantages. Indeed, a bio-refinery is one of the suitable choices that can apply membrane technology to improve the conditions for the biofuel production. To achieve these goals and advantages being aware of their useful parts is necessary. Frequently, by helping a bio-refinery, sugar is changed into ethanol in one step using yeast during the fermentation process. Moreover, needed sugars are often provided by Biological sources or starch, cellulose and lignocellulosic materials. Hence, by changing the type of feedstock, the steps to achieve the product can be different in the agenda. Therefore, the improvements by the introduction of membranes in the bioethanol production process are discussed, in terms of efficiency and final product purity.
 Membrane technolgy, Bioethanol production, Biomass feedstock.