International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology  (Volume 8 Issue 2)
Graphene Membranes: From Reverse Osmosis to Gas Separation International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
Pages 1-27

Gustavo Feliciano de Jesus Barcelos, André Santarosa Ferlauto and Kátia Cecília de Souza Figueiredo


Published: 16 November  2021
Graphene membrane is a promising technology to help both carbon dioxide separation from flue gas and water desalination. This work reported the importance of membrane separation processes, the evolution of polymeric membranes before the discovery of graphene and how this material fits into this scenario. In addition, reverse osmosis and gas separations have been discussed as promising methods to reduce the occurrence of freshwater scarcity events and slow global warming. For all these separation techniques, the current state of graphene membranes technology and what advances might be brought by such one atom thick skin layer were presented, as well as the results of theoretical and experimental research. Finally, the challenges that still need to be overcome by this innovative technology as well as the perspectives were shown.
Graphene membranes, Transfer method, Polymeric support, Gas separation, Desalination.

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