International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology  (Volume 2 Issue 1)
 Impact of Coenzyme Q10 on the Physical Properties of Model Lipid Membranes International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
Pages 34-38

Ajda Ota, Marjeta Šentjurc and Nataša Poklar Ulrih


Published: 15 May 2015
 We investigated the influence of coenzyme Q10 on structural changes of model lipid membranes formed by 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine and by a mixture of phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin (2.4:1). Structural changes in the membranes were measured using electron paramagnetic resonance and differential scanning calorimetry. Two spin probes were used to monitor membrane characteristics: MeFASL (10,3) to monitor the changes close to the water-lipid interface, and MeFASL (2,11) to monitor the changes in the middle of the bilayer of the model lipid membranes. These data show that perturbation of CoQ10 in the lipid membranes, promotes a decrease in the dynamics of the lipid acyl chains, i.e., it increases the ordering of the membrane interior. The results from DSC measurements suggested that the CoQ10 in the bilayer does not significantly perturb the thermal and enthalpic stability of DPPC (the gel-to-liquid transition does not change) but additionally stabilizes the lipid bilayer due to the aggregation of CoQ10 within the lipid bilayer. The CoQ10 fraction in an aggregated state increased in proportion to its concentration in the DPPC multilamellar liposomes.
  Coenzyme Q10, Model lipid membranes, Electron paramagnetic resonance, Differential scanning calorimetry.