International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology  (Volume 2 Issue 1)
 Pure hydrogen production via ethanol steam reforming reaction over a novel Pt-Co based catalyst in a dense Pd-Ag membrane reactor (an experimental study) International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
Pages 5-14

A. Basile, V. Palma, C. Ruocco, G. Bagnato, S.M. Jokar, M.R. Rahimpour, A. Shariati, C. Rossi and A. Iulianelli


Published: 15 May 2015
 In this work, a novel Co based catalyst containing 10 wt% of Co and 3 wt% of Pt Supported on Al2O3 pellets coated with CeO2-ZrO2 and Al2O3 was prepared. This catalyst has been utilized in dense Pd-Ag membrane (MR) and traditional (TR) reactors for ethanol steam reforming (ESR) reaction. In particular, ESR reaction was carried out between 400 and 490 _C and in a pressure range of 100 - 300 kPa with an ethanol/water feed molar ratio of 1/13 and GHSV of 805 h-1. The pressure in shell side of the MR was kept constant at 100 kPa during the whole experimental campaign.
The experimental results in terms of ethanol conversion, hydrogen recovery, flow and yield as well as products compositions are reported. Moreover, a comparison between MR and TR at 490 _C and the same operating conditions is realized, pointing out that the MR is able to give higher ethanol conversions and hydrogen yields as well as lower CO content than the TR in all the reaction tests. The best results were observed at higher temperature and pressure for the MR and at lower pressure for the TR. By using the aforementioned catalyst, ethanol conversion and hydrogen recovery of 90% and 67% were achieved respectively at 490 _C and 300 kPa during ESR reaction in the MR, whereas a conversion of 75% was observed in the TR at the same temperature and at 100 kPa.
 Ethanol steam reforming, Pt-Co catalyst, membrane reactor, hydrogen production.