International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology

Volume 2 Issue 2


 Table of Contents

 November, 2015


Optimal Design of Thermal Membrane Distillation Systems for the Treatment of Shale Gas Flowback Water Pages 1-9
Nesreen A. Elsayed, Maria A. Barrufet, Fadwa T. Eljack and Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi


A Comparative Study on Sulfonated PEEK and PVDF Blend Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Pages 10-18
Göknur Dönmez and Hüseyin Deligöz


Supported Liquid Membrane Composed of Tertiary or/and Quaternary Amine for the Extraction of Lactic Acid Pages 19-28
B.S. Chanukya and Navin K. Rastogi


Membrane Bioreactor in China: A Critical Review Pages 29-47
Olusegun K. Abass, Xing Wu, Youzhi Guo and Kaisong Zhang


Pure hydrogen production from steam reforming of bio-sources Pages 48-56
G. Bagnato, A. Iulianelli, A. Vita, C. Italiano, M. Laganà, C. Fabiano, C. Rossi and A. Basile


Ultrafiltration of orange press liquor: effect of operating conditions on membrane fouling and permeate flux Pages 57-64
René Ruby-Figueroa, Carmela Conidi and Alfredo Cassano


Preparation of Polymer Inclusion Membranes (PIMs) with Ionic Liquid and its application in dye adsorption process supported by statistical analysis Pages 65-77
D. Shanthana Lakshmi, Sergio Santoro, Elisa Avruscio, Antonio Tagarelli and Alberto Figoli


Development of PEBAX Based Membrane for Gas Separation: A Review Pages 78-84
M.S. Abdul Wahab and A.R. Sunarti


Characterization of Metal-Doped Methylated Microporous Silica for Molecular Separations Pages 85-100
Hany Hassan El-Feky, Kelly Briceño, Kamila Szałata
, Miguel A.G. Hevia and Tània Gumí