International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology

Volume 8 Issue 2


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   Volume-8, 2021



Graphene Membranes: From Reverse Osmosis to Gas Separation – Pages 1-27 

Gustavo Feliciano de Jesus Barcelos, André Santarosa Ferlauto and Kátia Cecília de Souza Figueiredo


Tertiary Amine-Mediated Polyvinyl Alcohol Membrane Over the Porous Support of Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane for CO2 Separation  – Pages 28-34

Saud Hashmi, Asim Mushtaq, Saad Nadeem, Zahoor Awan and Zaeem Uddin Ali


S. cerevisiae Outer and Inner Membranes are Compromised upon Benzyl Alcohol TreatmentPages 35-39

Bengü Ergüden


Effect of Photoconductivity Precursor Volume on Structural, Physical, Electrical and Optical Properties of Thin Layers of Cadmium Oxide (CdO) Nanostructures Produced Using Spray Pyrolysis Technique Pages 40-53

Alireza Heidari


Detection of Galactose and Glycerophospholipids by Galactose Biosensors and Advancement Their Proficiency Using Berkelium Colloidal Nanoparticles and Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene)-Poly(Styrenesulfonate)-Based Biosensors Pages 54-75

Alireza Heidari


Ion-selective Electrodes Based on PVC Membranes for Potentiometric Sensor Applications: A Review Pages 76-84

Chandra Mohan and Vinod Kumar


Effect of Ground Tire Rubber on Mechanical Properties of Low Density Polyethylene Pages 85-92

Raza Muhammad Khan, Asim Mushtaq and Zaeem Uddin Ali

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